Saturday, 23 August 2008

Parental Care Ministries comes to the UK!

Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi & his daughter Grace make plans:

During the month of November 2008 (a cold time of year for UK residents never mind those from Uganda) is the proposed time for a visit to the UK for Pastor Emmanuel Nnyanzi and his daughter Grace. Pastor Nnyanzi is the founder of Parental Care Ministries in Mbarara Uganda, who were instrumental in setting up and constructing the Henderson School. To find out more information about Henderson School click here.

Please pray for the success of this trip, from the acquiring of UK visas for the Nnyanzis and for travel safety as well as the raising of the profile and support for the ministry in Uganda. The pair are likely to travel to England, Wales and Scotland during their 3 week stay and already friends are asking for them to visit their place. If you would like to know more about this visit then please contact us on or cal us on 07982250514.