Sunday, 23 November 2008

Joshua arrives safe and well:

Dear Friends
We give God thanks and praise as today (22nd of November) at 11.55am (3.55pm UK time) we welcomed into the world Joshua Alexander Holt
Cabrera (length 53cm, weight 3.6kg). Both Joshua and Claudia are doing fine after the surgery/delivery. Emma and Sara are not too sure
what to make of their new wee brother yet but were fascinated when they came to see him. Many thanks for all your prayers and messages of
support and encouragement. Claudia hopes to get home tomorrow afternoon so please pray for a good recovery.
In Him
Kenny, Claudia, Emma, Sara & Joshua

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Holt baby on the way:

Dear Friends Just a quick update on Claudia and the baby. Unless the baby comes by himself in the next 24 hours, the Doctors have scheduled a Cesarean to be carried out on Saturday (3.30pm UK time). The baby is doing fine but there are certain indicators that suggest that an intervention in the pregnancy would be preferred. Some of you may know that the 22nd is also Claudia’s birthday so this will be a lovely birthday present (apart from being operated on that is!). She is a bit anxious about the operation so I would ask that you pray for peace for Claudia throughout all of this. Please also pray for wisdom for the Doctors and a healthy and safe delivery for Mummy and baby. I hope to have some more news for you over the weekend. Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement. We give God thanks for you all and the wonderful knowledge of friends around the world praying for us as a family, particularly Claudia and the baby at this time. Love in the Lord Kenny & Claudia

Mission International Chairman, grandson:

John receives heart surgery:
John Willis, the grandson of Mission International's chairman, Victor Willis has recently gone through heart surgery. Please pray for this little baby, only a few months old who has been in and out of hospital for most of his young life. Baby John is still to have surgery but it is hoped that this can be delayed until he is older and stronger. Please pray that he recovers well and that the medical staff who are treating him are guided to provide the best treatment possible, pray also for Dad David, Mum Audrey and big sister Mya who with the rest of the family have lost a lot of sleep recently and who want to see this little one make a full and strong recovery.
Below David, Audrey & John soon after he was born:

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tragedy in Mbarara:

Please pray for Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi and his wider family:

On the 17th of November Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi and his daughter Grace when, part way through a tour of a number of centres in the UK, they were give tragic news from home. The son of one of Pastor Emmy's brothers was collecting water from the river nearby the Henderson School when he was swept away by the current and drowned. The tragedy has upset Pastor Emmy & Grace as well as their extended family back in Uganda.

Please pray for everyone affected by this situation especially the wife and two small children of this well liked and loved young family man.

It is with much sadness that Pastor Emmy & Grace are continuing with their UK tour.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Henderson School founder in the UK!

Pastor Emmy arrives on 11th November:

Pastor Emmy Nnyanzi, the founder of Parental Care Ministries and the Henderson School in Mbarara Uganda are about to arrive in the UK. Please pray that their trip will be a successful one as they travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales before returning to Uganda on the 30th November.

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