Friday, 10 July 2009

Mission Team - Burundi 2009!

Pray for the Burundi Team:
A team of 15 people will head out to Burundi on 14th July to support our partners in Burundi Rema Ministries. The team comprises a dentist, a doctor and three further medics, young people and older people and will be involved in medical/dental practice as well as evangelism, youth and children's work and training for church leaders.

Please pray for:
  • Safe Travel from Scotland via Amsterdam, Nairobi to Bujumbura and within Burundi for the period of 2-3 weeks.
  • The many who will come for medical/dental treatment that the practitioners will have the energy to treat those who come and the wisdom to know how to proceed in difficult circumstances.
  • Those team members who have not been to Africa before that they are not too seriously affected by culture shock.
  • The many who will come to hear the Gospel that they may decide to follow Jesus and that their lives will be dramatically changed.
  • Those who give testimony, perform songs and drama and who preach will find God's inspiration to share appropriate material.
  • That the Rema team (MI Partners) will benefit and be blessed by the team experience too.
  • A positive and safe experience for everyone involved.

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bushydon said...

Hi to all, hope you are all safe & well. Hope to see you all soon. Love Pete & Jordan.

bushydon said...

A message to Sandra Donaldson, your Dad is getting better every day and he and your Mum send their love. To Rheagan, hope you're well and enjoying yourself, hope to see you all soon. Love Peter & Jordan Donaldson.