Friday, 11 February 2011

Items for prayer:

Please pray for us!
All of us at Mission International are grateful for those who pray for us on a regular basis.   We agree that our ministry  and service would not be successful if you were not praying for us.

News & Announcements:
We post items on the News & Announcements page on a regular basis and so if you need to be kept up to date with regard to prayer, this would be a good place to begin.

The recruitment, training and deployment of mission teams is a central part of the work that we do.   Please pray for quality hard-working team members to apply and pray for those to whom we minister, that God would meet with them and prepare them for His service.   Please also for our safety as we travel and minister in often difficult circumstances.

Contact us:
If you would like to let us know you are praying regularly or would like to ask a question on the work in which we are involved, please contact us on

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