Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pray for us!

Mission International needs prayer all the time.   We are working in areas where we face, along with those we support who are personally going through it in the developing world, many difficulties.   These may seem insignificant at times for those of us who live in the relative security of the west, however they do take their toll.

One big challenge we face happens on an almost daily basis.   Almost every day we receive requests from someone in the world who is asking for help.   They may ask for some support in providing a water well for their community, or they may ask for a Bible or other study materials.   They may ask for a team to go and help them share God's Word in their communities.  Whatever it is they ask for our biggest challenge is to let them down gently as we say "no, I'm sorry we just don't have the funding, the resources or the personnel to help at the moment".

Of course there are many to whom we say yes!   Our supporters and donors work hard and give well to help us to say yes more times than ever before, however when the 'no answer' is the only one available then it causes us great sadness.

Please pray that God provides us with funding, personnel and resources in such a way that we can extend what we are doing so well in the places we already work, to other new projects around the world.

Thank you for praying for us

Hugh Henderson

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